How to Test and Validate Your New Startup Idea Before Building it?

Once you got a big idea, you need to test with the actual customers who are willing to pay for your product. And for that, you do not need to spend 5-6 months building MVP product then selling it your customers. It requires lots of efforts and the huge cost of investment. Instead, you should do a proof of concept which takes much less time to develop, costs less and allows to understand if there’s a market for your product at all.

In this video, Dan Martell talks about building a framework to test & validate your idea.
1. First, you need to figure out the problem you want to solve.
2. Do the Validated Research by talking to your prospect.
3. Build a Clickable Prototype using Balsamiq, InVIsion or UXPin.
4. And finally, show prospects your prototype to generate sales.

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